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Opportunities are abundant in the online world. And perhaps the most lucrative online business opportunity today is what we call website flipping. The most striking part of this business, is that profit is often huge while investment is quite negligible in comparison to the investment. What you need is a good website that ideally, has good search engine visibility. If for a particular set of keywords your website is capable of giving top search results, you will receive good offers for your website. In such a case, you can flip your website or transfer the ownership of your website to someone else at a certain price. But before you jump into this business of website flipping, let’s have a better insight of what flipping websites really is and how to do it.

While entering the business domain of website flipping, there are few important steps that need to be kept in mind. These are:

1) Registering a domain name: The first thing is to identify a domain name which is an attention drawer and which is rich in keywords. The domain name should give an idea of what the website is all about and what type of content will be hosted on it. Success of website flipping largely depends upon a judicial selection of a good domain name, but this will vary in some cases.

2) Choose a suitable template: A template needs to be chosen that goes well with your website’s theme. A careful selection of a template will give your website a professional and relevant look that will be appreciated by the concerned target audience of your website. Consequently, this will add value to the website and help you to command a better price. Custom designed websites usually add more value as it will be a unique design.

3) Add monetary features to your website: Certainly, whoever will buy your website will try to make money from it. Thus, there should be some revenue generating schemes tagged with your website. It could be product selling, referral marketing, banner ads or anything else. You can simply host ads from Google AdSense and monetize your website in terms of Cost Per Click earning.

4) Promoting your website: Before selling, there are few important things that need to be ensured. You need to have a fair idea of the traffic visiting your website to prove the potentials of your website before the buyers. Doing some SEO of your website will get your website a better ranking and hence a better selling price as well. You can promote your website on major social networking sites, index site links in search engines like Yahoo and Google, do some PR postings and engage yourself into some article marketing on any online platform. These measures will put your website at the high traffic zone and buyers will be interested in your site. Many buyers take into consideration the “Alexa Rank” of a website. It is important to note that Alexa ranks websites according to the number of users who has their toolbar installed on their browsers.

Well, these steps will facilitate your website flipping business. Website flipping is a very good online money making opportunity, but there are several things that you require to enter into the business of website flipping business. These essentials are:

1) Web Hosting Account: As mentioned above, you need a domain name and a web hosting account along with where you can host your website. Choose the best web hosting plan for a year. There are several hosting plans where you can host unlimited domains. You can host dozens of websites on the same hosting account.

2) PayPal Account: PayPal is perhaps the most widely used payment gateway on the online world. When you sell your website, the buyer will ask for your PayPal account where he can transfer the money. So, having a PayPal account is important in order to get the money and it’s a very user-friendly process to open and operate a PayPal account.

3) Escrow Account: If your website commands a whopping price, you may need an Escrow account. For opening an account, visit For big transactions, we recommend you to opt for Escrow services rather than opting for PayPal. The Escrow Account ensures safe and secure transactions and eliminates chances of online fraud. Another popular option to pay for high-end websites is Bank Wire Transfers.

4) Customized Theme based Templates: To transform your website to a hot selling cake, you will need customized themes for your websites or blogs. There are several websites that offer unique themes. After buying a domain name, a unique theme based template needs to be hosted on your website.

5) Unique Content: Content is king – no doubt in this statement as far as success in the online world is concerned. You need to decide on the unique content that will be put on your website. This unique content will make you a search engine favorite and your website will come at the top on the basis of keyword based searches. Coming at the top of a search engine is the most desired thing for any website and this feature will encourage buyers to pay a higher price for your website.

Making your website attractive for sale:

Now, you have understood that in order to get a better price for your website, you need to put unique, informative and interesting content on your website. Your unique content will attract the visitors and you will get huge web traffic from the search engines. So, try to put content that is valuable and useful to your target audience. Your voluminous traffic size will get you lots of profits. The unique and interesting content will promote your website to generate huge revenue for you, on the long run. It is always sensible to hire a professional writer for creating unique content for your website. This is a very good, if not the best investment for your online flipping business.

Besides posting unique content, you need to wait for a few months to get your website a significant reputation in the online world. For this you may have to rely on SEO techniques. A few months of SEO work may bring your website to a high traffic zone and make it search engine friendly. A website with high page ranking often commands a better price. When you feel that now your website has significant online reputation, you can think that now it is time for sale.

The success of your website flipping depends upon your skill of projecting a good future prospect of your website in the eyes of the buyers. You need to portray the selling aspects of your website by providing information that will add to the value of your website. Any type of statistics will be helpful for the buyers to decide on the real value of your website. The kind of figures you may provide to your potential buyers may comprise of:

  • Traffic statistics: Your website’s traffic statistics include number of unique visitors, total page views, traffic growth rate over time, the country-wise location of your visitors and volume of traffic diverted from search engines. The stats also includes popularity of your website on social networking sites and traffic coming from direct bookmarking, popular keywords of your site and the Page Rank of your site. On the basis of such info, you can project your site’s performance to potential website buyers.
  • Financial figures: It’s important to have all your accounts keeping arranged. The profit and loss statement will be analyzed by every serious potential buyer. The more info on your financial figures you provide, the better the chances to ask for a good price.
  • A good sales letter: You will have to introduce your website to the potential buyers. For this you need a good sales letter depicting everything from business prospects to the reason of selling your website. Some interesting facts, figures, features of the site, etc. are always helpful in drawing attention of the buyers.

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